Hypnosis: Safe and Drug Free!

(Breaking the myths & misunderstandings)

Hypnosis is a safe, gentle and extremely effective process for accepting positive suggestions and changing unwanted habits or beliefs. Hypnosis happens to all of us from time to time, young and old, in our everyday lives. It is a state of being fully absorbed and focused to such a degree that occurrences in the outside world become less noticeable, as if they have moved into the background. For instance, have you ever experienced driving and being so deep in your thoughts and later realize you were driving on “automatic pilot”? Well, this is a form of hypnosis; your unconscious mind took over momentarily.

Clients are often surprised that they are not “unconscious” during hypnosis. TV and stage hypnosis has created the perception that something is being done to the subject. Actually it is the opposite, you are the one that directs your mind and you are the one who has to allow the suggestions to take seed. You are ALWAYS in control during hypnosis (your unconscious mind will not allow you to accept any suggestions which are not in alignment with your core values).

The best results come when the client is determined to have the desired change. You can’t do it for your loved ones. You must have a TRUE desire in order for the suggestions to take effect. You are directing your thoughts daily with your self-talk throughout the day. Statistics say that the average person has approximately 60,000 thoughts per day. More alarmingly, however, some estimates suggest that of those thoughts, some 70 to 80 percent are categorized as negative.

Hypnosis is a positive and gentle process, where you are guided into a relaxed state, your critical mind quiets, and your deeper mind (subconscious mind) comes to the forefront. In this relaxed state you are always in control, and are more receptive to positive suggestions in order to create the change you DESIRE. This is a profound tool for creating lasting change. It is a heightened state for learning, some call subconscious learning. Why not direct your mind to think and feel as you desire? What is hypnosis recommended for?

This therapy is great for changing unwanted habits and fears and/or achieving goals in your personal or professional life such as weight loss or gain, smoking cessation, motivation, procrastination, managing pain, reducing stress, being more assertive, self-confidence, accelerating learning, sleeplessness, improving sports performance…and much more.

The mind is so powerful. Learn how you can redirect it so you can start living the life of your dreams and free yourself from limiting beliefs and bad habits! This is a great drug free alternative!

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