Improving Your Memory Hypnosis CD

Improving Your Memory Hypnosis MP3

This MP3 is designed to help you improve your memory.  Whether you have new information to retain or find that your mind is just becoming foggy over the years, this is a powerful self hypnosis process for you.

Would you like to increase your ability to recall and exercise your mind?  Would you like to relax so deeply that you can remember anything under pressure?  Would you like to learn to make associations that improve your memory with skills and strategies?  Would you like to overcome nerves and the pressure to remember?

Hypnosis and memory enhancement have become a hot topic.  That’s because Hypnosis is an excellent tool for creating relaxation.  Actually, the very essence of hypnosis is relaxation.  The more the mind calms down, the more your ability to focus increases.  Hypnosis puts you in a heightened state of mind for learning.

This self hypnosis MP3 uses a combination of mental relaxation and memory strategies to help you create a powerful recall so that you can remember things more easily.  It is a powerful tool to help overcome mental blocks and achieve any kind of clarity associated with memory skills.

In the process of self hypnosis you will feel your daily stress and tensions reduced. Your body will begin to relax and then you will slowly move from the Beta (awaken state) and enter the relaxing Alpha state, then move into the Theta state (deep learning) where your subconscious mind can create the new changes you desire. When you awaken from self hypnosis you will feel as if you just had a long wonderful nap totally refreshed and rejuvenated.

In order to enhance your learning program consider purchasing the “Read Faster”, “Improve Your Studying”,” Exam Anxiety”, “ Deep Sleep” and “Self Confidence” MP3 as suggested supplements to your program. Have fun learning in a new way!


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