Fountain of Youth Anti-Aging CD

Fountain of Youth Anti-Aging

This MP3 is designed to make you feel young and have more energy.  Discover the fountain of youth within your own mind.  You will learn to access the power of your thoughts and emotions, by using your body-mind connection.  Would you like to turn back the clock?  Would you like to have more energy?  Would you like to think hand feel like a young person?  Is it time to change your old thinking?  This process will move you into a magical inner garden, where you can experience taking a dip in your own personal fountain of youth.  You will experience a renewal in your body, mind and emotions so that your cells are recharged with life force and vitality.

In the process of self hypnosis you will feel your daily stress and tensions reduced.  Your body will begin to relax and then you will slowly move from the Beta (awaken state) and enter the relaxing Alpha state, then move into the Theta state (deep learning) where your subconscious mind can create the new changes you desire.  When you awaken from self hypnosis you will feel as if you just had a long wonderful nap totally refreshed and rejuvenated.

This program is designed to create the feelings and thoughts of the young person within you. You will reprogram your mind and become the young, happy, enthusiastic, energetic person you really are!

In order to enhance your program consider purchasing the “Relieving Anxiety”, Relieving Depression”, “Deep Relaxation”, “Deep Sleep”, “Self Heal” and Self Confidence” MP3 as suggested supplements to your program.


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