Relieve Exam Anxiety Hypnosis MP3

Relieve Exam Anxiety MP3This MP3 is designed is to help you with alleviate test anxiety. Would you like to feel calm while taking a test? Would you like to have better memory and recall? This self hypnosis MP3 will help you create the subconscious changes necessary. You will learn relaxation and self hypnosis techniques so that you can move yourself into an alpha state of mind during a test, where you can feel stress-free and it is easy to recall the correct answers. You will find that you enjoy the learning process and studying, it is easy and natural to study and learn. Hypnosis or self hypnosis creates a natural state where your body is deeply relaxed, your mind is in a higher state of consciousness which allows you to accept the positive suggestions for improved concentration, studying and fear of tests. You will harness the inner power of your subconscious mind allowing your mind to make fast successful changes in studying, concentration and any fear of testing, both written and oral. In the process of self hypnosis you will feel your daily stress and tensions reduced. Your body will begin to relax and then you will slowly move from the Beta (awaken state) and enter the relaxing Alpha state, then move into the Theta state (deep learning) where your subconscious mind can create the new changes you desire. When you awaken from self hypnosis you will feel as if you just had a long wonderful nap totally refreshed and rejuvenated. In order to enhance your learning program consider purchasing the “Read Faster”, “Improve Your Studying”, “Improve Your Memory” “Deep Sleep” and “Self Confidence” MP3 as suggested supplements to your program. Have fun learning in a new way!

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